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GCIMS: Global Change Intersectoral Modeling System

Our goal is to improve understanding of the complex interactions among energy, water, land, climate, socioeconomics, and other human and natural systems at regional and global scales over the short and long term. We are developing and applying an internally consistent, open-source, computationally efficient modeling framework that captures the evolution of the integrated human–Earth system. The team is working to resolve the effects of compounding influences on energy, water, land, climate, and socioeconomic systems over the next 10–100 years; the responses of these systems to those influences; and unresolved feedbacks that fundamentally alter the frequency or intensity of influences.
Keywords climate, compound influences, energy, feedbacks, human-natural interactions, integrated modeling, land, multisector dynamics, socioeconomics, water
TYPE Scientific Focus Area
Principal Investigator (PI)
Marshall Wise
Lead Institution
Other Collaborators
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Tufts University University of California Davis University of Houston University of Maryland
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