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NREL Helps Train the Future Carbon Management Workforce
A net-zero carbon emissions future demands a workforce with the right training and hands-on experience to help mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the industrial, transportation, and electric power sectors.
November 30, 2023
Gordon Peterson is hunting for efficient, sustainable energy materials
Massive amounts of heat are produced and lost through industrial manufacturing. What if we could capture that heat and use it as a form of energy? Gordon Peterson is researching materials that could help make the generation of electricity from waste heat an important part of decarbonization.
November 20, 2023
PNNL Models Provide Clarity Around Climate Change and Its Impacts
Understanding and addressing the impacts of climate change is one of the most daunting challenges of our time. The complexities of interconnected natural and human systems make it extremely difficult to identify meaningful solutions.
November 22, 2023
Student News
This summer, the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Argonne National Laboratory launched a revised curriculum for its annual All About Energy (AAE) program, a high school workshop that addresses real-world sustainability issues in local Chicago communities.
November 7, 2023
For the second consecutive year, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) hosted a group of student scholars and faculty members from Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) on a recent five-day visit.
October 26, 2023
At the conference, students had the opportunity to explore and learn more about careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in a fun environment. This year marked the 1st annual San Joaquin Conference, formerly known as San Joaquin Expanding Your Horizons for the past 30 years — this year’s theme was “Take a bite out of STEM.”
October 19, 2023
Science News
Decarbonizing the Decarbonizing: Tidal and Wind Turbines Get Even More Sustainable
On a gray, foggy day in May 2021, a rust-kissed barge carried three shed-sized tidal turbines—each mounted on the points of a triangular steel frame—through New York City’s East River. Although the three turbines appeared to be identical, one was a doppelganger, built from an entirely new kind of resin that could help decarbonize even the most sustainable clean energy technologies, like tidal energy turbines.
October 19, 2023
Rocks may hold key to storing intermittent renewable energy, expanding its use
Sandia National Laboratories is collaborating with New Mexico-based CSolPower LLC to develop an affordable method of storing energy from renewable sources. The primary goal of the partnership is to transition to zero-carbon solar and wind energy for generating electricity.
October 24, 2023
Young leaders learn from Nobel Laureates at Science and Technology in Society Forum
Early-career staff scientists Kelli Humbird, Chris Young and Brian Giera connected with Nobel Laureates and discussed important global issues ranging from AI to climate change at the 20th annual meeting of the Science and Technology in Society (STS) Forum in Kyoto, Japan.
October 24, 2023
National economy continues to reenergize post-pandemic, while pushing toward a new, decarbonized normal
In 2022, Americans used more renewables to generate electricity than in previous years, according to the most recent energy flowcharts and carbon flowcharts released by Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).
October 11, 2023
Pacific Northwest Set to Launch Hydrogen Energy Hub
The Department of Energy today announced $7 billion to launch seven regional clean hydrogen hubs (H2Hubs) to develop clean hydrogen energy that meets the nation’s energy needs. The regional hydrogen hubs will establish a national clean hydrogen network over the next decade.
October 13, 2023
Cleaner Snow Boosts Future Snowpack Predictions
Less pollution settling into snow should help cut the decline of snowpack in the Northern Hemisphere later this century. Though the snowpack will still diminish due to rising temperatures, the outlook is less dire when the cleaner snow of the future is considered.
October 12, 2023
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