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Soil Carbon Response to Environmental Change

Our research measures and characterizes carbon stored in soil and evaluates its potential responses to environmental change. Climate change is threatening to destabilize huge amounts of carbon preserved in the cold and frozen permafrost soils in the north, potentially accelerating the rate of global warming. We aim to reduce uncertainties in estimating the carbon stored in permafrost region soils, determine where and how it is distributed, and assess how susceptible this carbon is to decomposition and release to the atmosphere.
Keywords Arctic, boreal, carbon, decomposition, field observations, ground ice, infrared spectroscopy, laboratory incubations, nitrogen, permafrost, soil, soil microbes, soil organic matter, tundra
TYPE Scientific Focus Area
Principal Investigator (PI)
Julie Jastrow
Lead Institution
Other Collaborators
Oregon State University University of Alaska Fairbanks University of Minnesota Twin-Cities
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