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SPRUCE: Spruce and Peatland Responses Under Changing Environments

Peatlands cover around 3 percent of the Earth’s surface and hold at least a third of the world’s soil carbon. The SPRUCE project, located in Minnesota’s Marcell Experimental Forest, allows scientists to measure the impacts of warming through a series of large-scale enclosures that expose peatland plots to temperatures from ambient to +9⁰C. Some enclosures are also exposed to elevated CO2. The project improves understanding of terrestrial ecosystem-climate system interactions.
Keywords elevated CO2, experimental manipulations
TYPE Scientific Focus Area
Principal Investigator (PI)
Paul J. Hanson
Lead Institution
Other Collaborators
Cornell University DePaul University Duke University Florida State University Georgial Technilogical University Northern Arizona University San Diego State University US Environmental Protection Agency, Duluth, MN USDA Forest Service Grand Rapids, MN University of Minnesota University of Missouri University of Tennessee University of Wisconsin
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