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High-Latitude Application and Testing of Earth System Models - Phase III

Active Dates 4/1/2023-3/31/2026
Program Area Earth & Environmental Systems Modeling
Project Description
High-Latitude Application and Testing of Earth System Models – Phase III
Los Alamos National Laboratory: Wilbert Weijer (PI, [email protected])
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: Hailong Wang (co-PI, [email protected])
Naval Postgraduate School Wieslaw Maslowski (co-PI, [email protected])

HiLAT-RASM Phase III aims to improve our ability to accurately project future Arctic change by developing a unifying framework to understand, quantify, and compare complex Earth system feedbacks that modulate AA and to improve their representation in Earth system models. The framework is designed to unify feedbacks across two dimensions: first, we will investigate feedbacks from a wide range of processes represented by three Science Areas (SAs), namely meridional exchanges of heat and moisture between high and low latitudes (SA1); complex regional feedbacks between the ocean, sea ice, and atmosphere (SA2); and complex physical and biogeochemical interactions and feedbacks between the terrestrial, aquatic, and marine domains (SA3). Second, we will study feedbacks across models with a range of complexities represented by three Capability Areas (CAs), namely from broad-ranging multi-model examination in the CMIP6 ensemble (CA1) through detailed investigation in our highly resolved models E3SMArctic and RASM (CA2) to interpretable, data-driven, machine learning-assisted reduced-order models (CA3).
Award Recipient(s)
  • Naval Postgraduate School (PI: Maslowski, Wieslaw)