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WDTS RENEW Fermilab and Brookhaven Lab Summer School Exchange Program

The Fermilab and Brookhaven Summer School Exchange Program (FBSEP) is a unique opportunity for undergraduate freshmen majoring in STEM fields to participate in a summer school experience at both Fermilab and Brookhaven National Laboratory. Students will spend 3 weeks at each laboratory as a cohort with full group meetings at the midpoint and end of the program. The summer school will provide an introduction to particle physics, environmental and climate science, artificial intelligence, and quantum science. Students will learn about each topic as it relates to the cutting-edge research being conducted at each national lab while exploring the abundance of career opportunities available.
Enrolled full-time in a 2-year or 4-year accredited institution. You must be 18 years or older to participate. STEM Major. See the main website for full requirements.
Audience Undergraduate
Timeframe Summer
Location Brookhaven National Laboratory or Fermilab
Sponsored By Brookhaven National Laboratory
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