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BioGeoChemistry at Interfaces

The focus of this project is to better predict the behavior of metal and carbon cycling in our environment. We identify and quantify biogeochemical processes that control the movement of metals and carbon in the environment, which supports predictive models and identifies potential impacts of precipitation, sea level rise, etc. We are primarily focused on studying the role of biological and geochemical reduction/oxidation (redox) gradients located in certain stratified bodies of water (e.g., ponds) and sediment-water interfaces (e.g., estuaries and wetlands) , as well as the processes that impact metal and carbon cycling across those redox gradients.
Keywords biogeochemistry
TYPE Scientific Focus Area
Principal Investigator (PI)
Mavrik Zavarin
Lead Institution
Other Collaborators
Clemson University Savannah River National Laboratory Univ of Florida. University of Florida