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FACE-MDS: Free-Air CO2 Enrichment Model Data Synthesis

Carbon dioxide (CO2) fertilization of plant growth acts as a brake on increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations, slowing the rate of climate change. The Free Air CO2 Enrichment Model Data Synthesis project aims to understand the ecological processes that drive this phenomenon. The project generates and analyzes ensembles of model simulations of experiments. We evaluate models, interpret responses observed in experiments, and synthesize broader evidence for the CO2 fertilization hypothesis.
Keywords carbon cycle, ecosystem experiments, ecosystem models, Free Air CO<sub>2</sub> Enrichment (FACE), model intercomparison
TYPE Project
Principal Investigator (PI)
Anthony Walker
Lead Institution
Other Collaborators
Boston University Colorado State Columbia University Desert Research Institute Duke University Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry Northern Arizona University Notre Dame Smithsonian Environmental Research Center Technical University of Munich University of Bristol University of Michigan Western Sydney University
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